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30 day Turbo Diet® Plan

This plan is recommended for a greater or lesser amount of excess weight, it is an effective diet plan which may be repeated without a break. You can slim easily without starving or suffering!

The goal of the 30 day plan is to help your metabolism develop an optimal rhythm and function with this new kind of nutrition system. After all, health and slimness, feeling good and beautiful skin all depend on a well functioning metabolism.

One of the secrets of Turbo Diet® lies in the intake of quality protein, with the aid of which the body is induced to dismantle fat stores while retaining the muscle! The other nutrients in the shake drink ensure that your body suffers no lack.

For healthy weight loss, you have to follow a defined system during the diet, while observing the dosage of Turbo Diet® shake powder precisely! You will eat regularly – due to its combination of nutrients, the shake drink counts as a meal(!) - so you will not be hungry!

You can repeat this plan as many times as you need to till you lose your excess weight.

If you are 40 kg or more overweight, then choose the 40 kg PLUS Plan!

The course of the diet

1. Detox phase (day 1-2-3)

In the first 3 days of the plan you rid your body of toxins, you adjust physically and mentally and get attuned to the diet. It may seem strict, but believe me, this detoxing over a few days will do your body good.

HOW? Replace breakfast, lunch and dinner (an afternoon snack too if necessary) with servings of Turbo Diet® shake drink.


2. Weight loss phase (day 4-17)

It is easy to keep to the diet, it does not require a significant change in lifestyle, but the extra kilos just vanish from day to day. The goal in this phase is to progress continuously towards your target dream weight. Your body will be charged with vitamins, but the best thing is that in the meantime it is in a state of constant fat breakdown.

HOW? Replace breakfast and dinner (an afternoon snack too if necessary) with servings of Turbo Diet® shake drink. For lunch, eat a 600 kcal meal which is rich in protein and low in carbohydrate.

3. Stabilisation phase (day 18-30)

Did you know that after a diet, your body automatically starts to return to its original, familiar weight? This is why a stabilising phase is needed, when you get your metabolism and your mind used to the new body weight, food quantities and eating regime.

HOW? Replace dinner (an afternoon snack too if necessary) with a serving of Turbo Diet® shake drink. Over and above this, your daily calorie intake should be 1200-1500 kcal of meals which are rich in protein and low in carbohydrate.

The Plan is for 30 days! If you would like to get rid of more weight, start the plan from the beginning again!


The diet works well even without doing exercise or intensive sport, as 80% of your body weight is determined by what you eat. If you have been exercising up till now, then you can continue, but in this case you will need to modify the dosage, as you can read below. If you have not been exercising, however, then don’t start doing intensive exercise at the same time as the diet. If you would like to develop in this area too, start with little steps, for instance, get off the bus earlier and continue on your way with a brisk walk, or take the stairs instead of the lift, etc.


Before, during and after the diet, you can ask our Consultants for help! The results vary from person to person, but we will give you every support in getting the most out of your diet!

If you order through our webshop, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to our free online consultancy, in which we give you useful advice, provide daily motivation, and support you with a sample eating regime in the period following the diet so you can maintain the result you have achieved! Take advantage of this opportunity!


Read this before starting the diet!

Correct dosage

1 serving made with milk: 4 measuring scoops (35 g) shake powder mixed with 300 ml milk with 1.5% fat. Made with water or (vegetable) milk with less than 1% fat content use 5 measuring scoops (approx. 43g) for each serving, thus replacing the protein content missing from the milk, but you do not take in any extra calories. Of the vegetable milks, rice milk is not recommended because of the higher carbohydrate content.

For men and for women over 165 cm, eating an afternoon snack is also recommended during the plan, at around 5.00 pm. Above 180 cm eating elevenses at around 11.00 am is also suggested.

If you play intensive sports (at least 45-60 minutes), then drink half a serving of Turbo Diet® shake made with water both before and after training. If you play sports even more intensively,  ask for personalised advice.


Liquid consumption and eating

If you are hungry during the diet, then you have probably not chosen the dosage correctly or your body’s requirements are different, so ask our consultants for help in this case!

Liquid over and above the shakes: 0.5-1 litre vegetable stock daily, distributed over the whole day. If you don’t want to cook the vegetable soup, you can replace it will Turbo Diet® Herbal Harmony tablets. The total daily liquid intake together with the shakes should be around 3 litres.

Important! Due to the intensive release of toxins, taking 2 Turbo Diet® Antioxidant capsules daily is recommended.

Fibre is the chimney sweep for the intestines, it helps remove deposits and aids optimal digestion, so it may be beneficial to supplement the diet with psyllium husks. Every day you need to mix 1 tablespoon of husks with 200 ml of water and drink it. There is no unpleasant taste, and it is really good for the digestion.

In our recipe book we have collected some delicious, tried and tested meals for you which are easy to prepare, and which your family will also love!

Other useful information

The diet is not complicated, but we recommend you definitely read the Frequently asked questions, because you will find useful answers there.

During the diet you should feel completely normal. Constipation, diarrhoea, hunger, tiredness, weakness are not part of the diet! If you experience these, first read the Frequently asked questions, or ask our consultants, who are ready to help you!

Keep a slimming diary – a feeling of success encourages you to persist, it strengthens you through the more difficult days! Include 30-60 minutes of light exercise in your daily routine, such as a brisk walk.

IMPORTANT! If you want to slim, starving yourself is not a good idea! If you perpetually feel hungry, if you are permanently famished, then your bodily functions change due to getting less nutrients, and in the end you may well lose weight, but you will be totally weak and your metabolism will slow down. If you then start to eat again, you will get a yoyo effect, due to which you can put more weight back on than you had when you started. You definitely have to avoid this!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!