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Beginner's Pack with lactose- and gluten-free shake powder

Beginner's Pack with lactose- and gluten-free shake powder

Do you have a problem with lactose and gluten? We have developed this shake powder just for you!

Price: 80.1 EUR
Special price: 75.4 EUR

The lactose- and gluten-free version of Turbo Diet has been produced in natural flavour, so that you can flavour it as you wish. This shake is the least sweet of all the shake powders, so how you vary it is up to you. You should be careful of one thing, that the flavouring does not contain any extra calories! You should favour spices, such as cinnamon, honey-cake spice mixture, or you can mix low-fat, sugar-free cocoa powder or even an espresso coffee into the shake.

Do you know the secret of Turbo Diet®?

One of the secrets of Turbo Diet® lies in the intake of special, quality protein, which helps induce the body to dismantle fat deposits while preserving muscle! The other important nutrients in the shake drink ensure that your body lacks nothing. All of our diet plans are simple and easy to adhere to!

Which diet Plan should I follow?

Look for a detailed description of the Turbo Diet Plans under the “How should I diet?” menu! In order to choose a suitable plan, you can ask for help from our Consultants, or you can ask them during or after the diet too here!

Contents of the pack:

  • 3 packs of Turbo Diet® Natural flavour shake powder, 525 g (45 servings made with lactose-free milk) lactose- and gluten-free 
  • 1 pack Antioxidant capsules (for 4 weeks)

This pack contains all the products needed for starting the 30 day Plan.

For the 14 day Intensive Plan you will also need one bottle of Hunyadi water or 20 g of Epsom salts.

If you would like to order several packages, you will need to compile an additional package.

14 day Intensive Plan

You can achieve rapid and spectacular results.

30 day Plan

The goal is optimal metabolism, health and slimness in the long term.

Special use

Menopause? Weight problems?

Menopause is often accompanied by weight gain, if you would like to do something about it, we can help! You can believe that you don’t need to starve to lose weight! »

Fasting to support long-term weight loss

There is no doubt that the method of fasting can greatly facilitate sustainable weight loss. Initial success can effectively promote motivation and commitment. »