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Calorie free summer

Summer is here and anyone who is dieting faces bigger challenges than the average. Such things as barbecue parties, endless ice creams...

... mealtimes all over the place and the quickly swallowed snacks and nibbles which go with travelling.

We, however, should not like to leave you on your own in summer either, because when is it the most important for you to be in bombshell shape, if not now?

The most important thing is discipline. Believe me, disciplined people are looked up to, as with their self-control they gain everyone’s respect. If you are a parent, this now difficult duty will at some time pay off in your children, who will be grateful to have learnt it from You.

The lives of slimmers, however, do not consist merely of renunciation, as with Turbo Diet shakes you can be the coolest one both at home and on the beach, after all, who can say of themselves that they can drink at least two tasty, well-deserved shakes every day?

Furthermore, you can easily take the shake powders with you on a trip and thus you have already sorted out most of your meals while abroad, which means you can also save a lot of money.

If you are not just starting your diet you will know that the shakes are so tasty, that you will not only feel full, but your longing for sweets will also disappear at a stroke, so even in the summer season you will not be at risk of indiscriminate nibbling.

Finally, we draw your attention to a real speciality: Turbo Diet ice-cream. :)

You would like some ice-cream in this heat too, wouldn’t you? All right!

All you have to do is to make your shake in the usual way (300 ml milk + 4 scoops shake powder) and put it in the freezer. You can soon spoon diet ice-cream onto your plate, which you can make even more tempting by serving it scattered with a little cinnamon, or with a leaf of mint. ;)

Don’t forget that even like this your ice-cream counts as a complete meal, i.e. not a dessert after a main meal. You can eat it for dinner, or maybe for elevenses.

Which Turbo Diet shake will you make ice-cream with?

• Strawberry
• Chocolate
• Cappuccino
• Sour cherry
• Vanilla
• Pistachio

Don’t forget, gluten and lactose free plain Turbo Diet shake powder is now available, which you can flavour with any fruit, almond or vanilla essence!