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Data protection information

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TURBODIETA.COM website data protection information

Data administrator’s details
Source of data
Secure data handling
Data forwarding
What are your rights in connection with our data processing
Opportunities for legal remedy

Procedure for ordering through the webshop

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Conditions for using the Slimming diary


Owner and operator of the website

Company name: Idealbody Kft.
Head office: 41. Teve utca, 1139 Budapest, Hungary
Tax number: HU13090575
Company registration number: 01-09-718272
Electronic access:
Telephone contact: +36-1-451-0294
Name of registration authority: Metropolitan Registry Court



The content of the website, as well as any of the components of its pages (text, image, sound, video, animation, etc.) is the intellectual creation of Idealbody Kft. and is subject to copyright, so it may only be used with the prior written permission of the content provider. Without the permission of the content provider, the online or printed reproduction of any component of the pages (either together or separately) for the purpose of public disclosure is forbidden.

Photos, pictures are from:,


TURBODIETA.COM website data protection information

As a data administrator, we consider your privacy important and we respect your right to dispose of your personal data, so when processing your personal data we take all organisational and technical measures possible in the interest of secure handling and protection of your data.
We inform you in detail below on our data processing principles and practices.
We will notify you in time of any possible changes to our data protection principles.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Data administrator’s details:

IDEALBODY Kft.  (Commercial and Service Limited Company)

Head office: 41. Teve u., 1139 Budapest, Hungary
Company registration number: 01 09 718272, Metropolitan Court
Tax number: HU13090575
Represented by: Attila J. Handl
Actual data management address: 91. Váci út, 1139 Budapest, Hungary

Telephone: +36 1 451 0294

We have elaborated our data processing principles in harmony with the following legislation:

•    Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (27 April 2016) – on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation, GDPR).

Source of data

We receive the data that we process from you in every case, which you hand over to us based on a voluntary decision in order to avail yourself of various services of ours, or to purchase the products that we sell.
The legal basis for processing these data:
the GDPR article 6 paragraph (1) point a), until you ask for your data to be deleted;
the GDPR article 6 paragraph (1) point b) and point f);
the Accounting law section 169 paragraph (2). We retain invoices for 8 years in accordance with the accounting law.
We draw your attention to the fact that if you do not give us your own personal data, the one delivering the data is obliged to obtain the consent of the one concerned.
Our services may only be used by adult persons who have reached the age of 18. If you are not yet over 18 years old, please consult your parent or legal representative.

Scope of personal data, purposes and legal basis for processing data

Our data processing related to your purchases in our webshop

You may also make purchases without registering, data required for contractual fulfilment of this (delivery): the buyer’s first name and surname, e-mail address, delivery and invoicing address (if the two are different), telephone number.
Further purposes for our data processing: we can provide you with discounts as a returning buyer, we offer our clients discounts on an individual basis, depending on the number and frequency of purchases.   
In the absence of data provision we cannot serve our buyers, they cannot receive the discounts from our loyalty scheme.
Data forwarding: In case of payment by bank card, the payer’s ID, the sum, date and time of the transaction to OTP Bank Ltd.; to the person doing your accounts; to the parcel dispatch service (MPL, GLS, DPD, DHL).

Our data processing related to registration

If you register, you can make quicker purchases in the future, you will get a surprise for your birthday, and you can make use of our free services too.
The scope of the data processed during registration: name, user name, e-mail address, password, date of birth: these are data which must be provided, in addition on a voluntary basis: the buyer’s address, telephone number.
In the absence of data provision, you cannot make use of the above services.

Data processing related to the services you use

In order to help you to diet successfully we offer you numerous services, e.g. one-off consultancy, personalised advice, consultancy sessions; in writing, by e-mail, telephone, on Skype or in person.
As our goal is to promote your successful diet, with your consent we may also need to process a few of your medical data. These are primarily: body weight, height, body mass index (BMI), age and sex, in some cases diseases or other important information related to health which may be significant in terms of the diet, relevant health and other data related to the diet, e.g. menu diary. Further data: name of buyer, telephone number, invoicing address.
We retain your data for 1 year in case you break off your diet, but you would like to continue it later.


As a registered user of our website you have the option to keep a “SLIMMING DIARY”, with the aid of which you can easily track your diet, and you can also ask our experts for supervision and help.
If you so decide, your slimming diary can also be available to the public (accessible by anyone), and your success story (likewise should you so decide) will be shared on the website.
The personal data processed in this regard: user name, age, height, starting weight, current weight, diet starting date, weight change per entry, body weight diagram, BMI index, as well as pictures and comments uploaded by the user. Other registered users may comment on the entries. You decide if the shared data are sufficientfor identifying your person.
You are authorised to change the open status of your slimming diary to closed at any time, so that it is only accessible to you, or you can delete it.


You may also select our Big Slimming Plan, signifying a change in lifestyle to help you reach and maintain your ideal body weight, also including long-term personal consultation free of charge, regular advice in writing or on Skype and monthly consultation sessions in person.
As you are given long-term expert support free of charge within the scope of this plan, in exchange, for marketing activity purposes in the legitimate interest of the data administrator, for the duration, we should like to use the photographs and videos of your successful slimming on our website, as well as further personal data documenting your weight loss.


Subscribing to the newsletter is voluntary, its purpose is to share information with you to support your diet, and to notify you of individual discounts or of our plans. If you unsubscribe, we will delete your data.


After logging on to our site you can ask our staff questions, or leave a message which we will respond to when we have the chance.
The service identifies the visitor based on the IP address, and the communication is stored (but not the IP address) by the data administrator for quality assurance purposes. The conversation is deleted after 6 months.
The data we store are generally not sufficient for identifying your person, unless during the chat you have provided data sufficient for identifying your person.


When you first log in to our homepage we warn you of the use of cookies, which you can decide to accept or refuse. We draw your attention to the fact that refusal of the use of cookies may have a negative effect on your visitor experience and convenient use of the site.

A cookie is an alphanumeric information package of varying content sent by the web server, which is received by the user’s computer and is stored for a predetermined validity period. The use of cookies provides an opportunity to retrieve certain data on visitors, as well as track their internet usage. With the aid of cookies, therefore, the sphere of interest, the internet usage habits and the website visit history of the user concerned can be precisely determined. As cookies work as a kind of label, with which the website can recognise a visitor returning to the page, by using them a valid user name and password for the given site may also be stored. If during the visit to the homepage the user’s browser sends back the cookie previously saved to the hard drive, the service provider sending it can link the current visit to earlier ones, but as the cookies are connected to the domain, it can only do this with regard to its own content. The cookies in themselves are not able to identify the user, they are only sufficient for recognising the visitor’s computer.
The purpose of the data processing: identification of users, distinguishing them from one another, identification of users’ current session, storing data provided during it, prevention of data loss, identifying and tracking users, web analytics measurements.
Scope of the processed data: ID number, date, time, as well as previously visited site.
Period of data processing: 6 months.
Cookies with a precise validity period (permanent) are stored on the computer until they are deleted, or until the expiry of their validity period at the latest.
The user can delete the cookie from his own computer, or ban the use of cookies in his browser. In general, cookies may be managed in the browser Tools/Settings menu, under the Data protection/History/Personal settings menu, with the name cookie, süti, or tracking.

Secure data handling

As a data administrator, together with our contracted data processors we strive for maximum data security.

Your personal data:

•    are accessible to those entitled to them (availability);
•    their accuracy and authentication are guaranteed (accuracy of data processing);
•    their unchanged state is verifiable (data integrity);
•    should be protected against unauthorised access (data confidentiality).

The data are protected in particular against unauthorised access, being changed, forwarding, being made public, deletion or destruction, as well as accidental deletion or damage.

While processing data, we maintain

•    secrecy: only an authorised person may access them;
•    integrity: we work comprehensively and accurately during processing
•    availability: when you wish to have access to your data.

We keep records of possible data protection incidents (facts and their effects) and remedy them. We report these to the Authorities without delay, or within 72 hours at the latest, and we also notify the one(s) concerned (if a large number are affected, then via the website), unless the incident is unlike to involve any risk.

Data forwarding

We never sell your data to anyone.

We hand over your data to collaborators involved in the provision of our services, such as the enterprises delivering the parcels, in order for to the contract to be fulfilled.

We store your data in the CRM system which we use.

We store our website on the memory space maintained by Webinform Ltd.

What are your rights in connection with our data processing


If you request information, after verifying and confirming your personal identity in a credible manner, you will be informed in a concise, transparent and comprehensible form out of turn, or within 30 days at the latest.


You are entitled to access the following information in connection with the processing of your personal data (over and above the present notification):
•    which of your personal data we process, and who we got them from;
•    for what purpose we process your data;
•    whether we forward them to other data managers or data processors, and if so, who to and with what guarantees;
•    how long we store your data, or plan to store data;
•    your rights and the way to exercise them;
•    the right to submit a complaint addressed to the supervisory authority;
•    if we use automated decision making and/or profile creation then on this fact, the logic employed and its expected effects on you


If the data processed on you are incorrect or imprecise, you may ask for them to be corrected, which will be done within 15 days at the most, and you will be informed.


You may withdraw your consent for your data to be processed at any time and ask for your data to be deleted, or you can delete them yourself. An exception is if this is not possible due to our legal obligation (e.g. Accounting law).  


You may ask for the data to be restricted in the following cases:

•    the one concerned disputes the accuracy of personal data, in this case the restriction applies to the period which enables the accuracy of the personal data to be checked;
•    the data processing is unlawful, and the one concerned opposes deletion of the data, but instead asks for their use to be restricted;
•    the data processor no longer needs the personal data for the purpose of data processing, but the one concerned requires them for advancing, enforcing or protecting legal demands; or
•    the one concerned has objected to the data processing; in this case the restriction applies to the period until it is determined whether the data processor’s legitimate reasons have priority over the legitimate reasons of the one concerned.

If the data processing comes under restriction, the personal data may only be processed, except for storage purposes, with the consent of the one concerned, or for advancing, enforcing or protecting legal demands, or for the protection of another natural or legal entity, or in the important public interest of the EU or any of its member states.


You may ask to be given your data in a machine-readable format, and forward these data to another data processor.


If the processing of your data rests on our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to our data processing.

As we have decided on our data processing based on an assessment of your rights and our legitimate interests, if you object we will repeat the assessment of interests, and inform you of the result of this. If it appears of the basis of the result of the interest assessment that the protection of your rights enjoys priority over our legitimate interests, then we will delete your data and in the future only handle these for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations.


Without unjustified delay, but definitely within one month of receiving the request, the data processor will inform the one concerned of the measures taken in the wake of the request submitted in accordance with GDPR articles 15-22. If necessary, taking into account the complexity of the request and the number of requests, this deadline may be extended by a further two months.

The data processor will inform the one concerned of the extension of the deadline within one month of receiving the request, with an indication of the reasons for the delay. If the one concerned submits the request electronically, the information will be given electronically, unless the one concerned asks for this in another form.

If the data processor does not take measures following the request of the one concerned, he will inform the one concerned without delay, or within one month of receiving the request at the latest, of the reasons for refraining from the measures, and also that the one concerned may submit a complaint to some supervisory authority and may recourse to legal remedy in the courts.

The data processor will inform all addressees of all the corrections, deletions or data processing restrictions he has performed, with whom or with which the personal data were communicated, unless this proves impossible or it requires a disproportionately great effort. The data processor will inform the one concerned of these addressees on request.

Opportunities for legal remedy

You can notify us of your complaint at the e-mail address or by letter  (1139 Budapest, Teve u. 41.).

We will respond to your complaint in writing out of turn, or within 30 days at most, and remedy if it is justified.
If his rights are infringed, the one concerned may take the data processor to court (the one concerned may choose the court competent for the defendant’s head office or his own place of residence). The court will deal with the case out of turn. Cases brought in connection with the protection of personal data are duty free.

You may also submit a complaint to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority:
Name: National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority
Head office: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.


Procedure for ordering through the webshop

1. Select the product you wish to purchase.
2. Enter the quantity you want to order and put the product in the basket.
3. If you would like to put additional products in the basket, proceed according to points 1 and 2. If you do not want to purchase any further products, click on ORDER, and check the number of items for the product / products you wish to buy. If you wish to modify the quantity, you can do it here.
4. After this you can fill in the data needed for ordering. It is important that you enter precise and accurate data. (name, e-mail, telephone number, delivery address). If you have registered in our system, then you can log in to the site. In this case you do not need to fill in your data again.
5. After entering your data you can send your order by clicking on “Send order”, and before doing so you can add a comment in connection with your order.
6. After sending the order, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.

An order can be sent even without registering. If you would like to register, in the future you can log in as a registered user and immediately send your order without entering delivery data. It is important to take care that the data are accurate, as the product is invoiced, and dispatched, based on the data entered. Registration must be done once, you do not need to take this step again when making subsequent purchases.

Conditions for using the Slimming diary

The Slimming diary was created by Idealbody Kft. for their registered Users, in order for them to share their opinions, thoughts and experiences with one another. The interactive “conversations” and exchange of opinions in the Forum are allowed so long as they take place in a cultured, ethical framework.

The following are banned from the comments made by Users
- using obscene expressions, expressing shocking, threatening opinions insulting to others;
- publication, quotation or linking of any content subject to copyright in a way which contravenes the provisions of law LXXVI of year 1999 on copyright, as well as asking other Users to publish such content;
- contravention of moral and ethical norms (e.g. offering obscene, pornographic, sexual content and services)
- insulting other Users. The comments, therefore, may not contain entries which injury the privacy rights of others, or any referring to racial, national, nationality or ethnic affiliation, adherence to a political party or religion, or to sexual practice;
- disclosure of personal data – even with the approval of the person concerned
- publication of comments, or reference to content, which may harm the reputation or business interests of Idealbody Kft., its employees, customers or readers of its Website;
- impeding the technical operation of the Website, hindering the work (content operation) of the Service provider, or encouraging others to do so;
- placing unlawful content, invitation to commit crimes, encouragement to perform illegal acts, or displaying conduct alluding to such;
- intentional misdirection of other Users;
- advertising competitor products, or engaging in commercial activities