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The major metabolic aliment in the world is diabetes.

The cause of the development of type 2 diabetes is excess consumption of sugar. There are some whose bodies do not produce insulin and some who are resistant to it. The result is the same, as without insulin the consumption of sugar is followed by a rise in blood sugar level. This process does not stop here, as it most often also raises the blood fat level. From here it is just a short step to reach heart diseases.

So, why do we eat so much sugar?

• Because we don’t have a clue that loads of foods contain a large quantity of glucose, e.g. salami, frankfurters, cold cuts…
As we adore a sweet taste, many foods are enriched with glucose, i.e. sugar, so they will disappear more quickly from shop shelves. Pastries, fornetti, munchies are made from white flour, which in terms of insulin response is like eating sugar, and also with dairy products. These simple sugars are not only rapidly absorbed, but they contain very little vitamin and mineral substances, i.e. they are practically blank calories for your body.
• Because sweets are so tasty, and even if we do not always want them, other members of the family who do will lead us into temptation
• Because it also raises our endorfin levels and who would not want to be happier, particularly if there is every reason to be sad?!

These are all totally acceptable arguments, but we still say:

Change your lifestyle, avoid the foods which contain added sugar!

• If you have been on a bit of a spree, have a couple of Turbo Diet days, or replace your dinner with a shake!
• Most importantly, you should slim and maintain your weight for the sake of your health! Believe me, even your energy level will be grateful!
• If you cannot choose from the strawberry, chocolate, sour cherry, cappuccino, pistachio or vanilla shakes because you are lactose or gluten sensitive, don’t worry, because our Turbo Diet shake is also available as a plain variety in consideration of those who are food intolerant!
• Don’t forget, you can spice up each one with cinnamon or fruit essences! ;)

Good health!

If you are possibly diabetic and you want to diet, but you don’t know how to start, consultant diabetologist Dr. József Fövényi will tell you how you can fit Turbo Dieta® into your regime. >>