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I’ve achieved my dream figure!

With the Turbo Dieta Big Slimming Plan, Erika has realised what everyone longs for: she reached her dream weight, she is now 13 kilos lighter. Furthermore, she experienced all this as a pleasant adventure.

Erika: "Never again a summer like this!"

I think you always need a big push to come to a decision: now I am finally going to lose weight. For me this push was given by the pictures taken on holiday. When I saw myself again, I decided, things cannot go on like this!

I played safe

I felt I had the intention, I have always had willpower, but I wanted to have some technical background in order to reach my goal. I found this in the Turbo Dieta® Big Slimming Plan: it provided every single thing (professional diet, medical background, constant control, expert consultation, etc.), to ensure that my efforts would be successful. And I wasn’t disappointed: I reached my ideal weight, I went down from 74 kg to 61 kg. Furthermore, it wasn’t even an effort, the whole thing seemed more like a pleasant adventure, during which I drew ever closer to my dreams.

I finally like myself

I lost exactly as much as I wanted – now I just have things to do in the area of fitness. The correct lifestyle just developed imperceptibly over the months of the diet: I now shop, cook and compile my menu deliberately. I don’t forgo my favourite dishes, I just substitute healthier ingredients. In return I keep getting compliments, and what’s more, due to the pictures I’ve shared on a social media site, others have had a go at a slimming plan too. It’s a good feeling to set an example, my self-esteem and self-confidence have grown. This summer I will definitely be happy to go to the beach, and I will take a bikini for the first time for many years.

Over four months Erika got rid of a total of 13 kg, aaaand she is also maintaining her weight one year later! Look at her in the pictures!

Her results numerically:
Waist: 86.5 cm → 73 cm
Hips: 109 cm → 95 cm
Thigh: 61 cm → 51 cm*

Would you like to achieve what Erika did?

Order the starter pack needed for your diet, and go for it!

The results which may be achieved with Turbo Dieta vary from person to person!