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Fasting to support long-term weight loss

There is no doubt that the method of fasting can greatly facilitate sustainable weight loss. The initial success can effectively promote motivation and commitment.

Several studies have found that the effectiveness of the diet is established in the long term if weight loss is quick at the beginning of the diet. However, it does matter how we are fasting.

Fasts based only on water or liquids without adequate nutrients are definitely not suitable for weight loss. In this case weight loss mainly occurs due to a decrease in muscle mass.

After the end of the fast, the pounds will return, sometimes even more. The reason for this is that less muscle burns less energy, thus the body's caloric needs decrease, and it begins to store fat even with a normal quantity of food. This is the so-called yo-yo effect, which can be avoided in one way: if you are fasting with extra protein intake. In that case, the muscles receive their own fuel, protein, so they will not break down, and only fat loss occurs.

For appropriate fasting that promotes weight loss, in addition to 50 grams of protein, doctors recommend vegetable broth and water. This is what the Turbo Dieta® powders provide effective help with: they include such proteins of high biological value that are particularly easy to digest for the body and that allow the fast to be done almost without muscle loss. With Turbo Dieta® fasting supplemented with protein consumption is feasible, which is the effective method for initial rapid and lasting weight loss.

Depending on the intended duration of fasting, 1 or 2 boxes of Turbo Dieta® may be sufficient to complete the regime. More >>