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Frequently asked questions about Turbo Dieta®

We have collected the questions most frequently asked by dieters. If we forgot something, feel free to contact us. 

Scroll down if you are specifically interested in questions concerning the 14 day Intensive Plan or health problems!

General Information

• The powder is not recommended to be mixed with fruit juice or yoghurt.
• You can mix the powder in cold or lukewarm liquid (not in hot).
• To measure servings you can find a measuring scoop in the box, a fully filled level scoop holds 8.75 grams of protein powder.
• Get the Turbo Diet® shaker for preparation or use a blender.
• If you put less powder than the required quantity in your serving, you will not lose more weight. For the body’s functioning and basal metabolism you need a certain amount of nutrients - the daily amount of powder is defined considering this, so if you eat less, your body starts an emergency response, weight loss slows down, and the body starts to store. Weight loss will stop.
You can drink coffee during the diet, but always drink a glass of water because of its diuretic effect. If possible, moderate coffee consumption.
If you smoke, try to moderate the amount, if possible. To neutralize the toxins, take Turbo Diet® Antioxidant capsules 2x2 a day.
Chewing gum is not recommended during the diet, because it can cause hunger.
• Turbo Diet® has no side effects. During the first few days of the diet - "due to detoxification" – headaches may occur, but this symptom will disappear during the diet. The Turbo Diet® Antioxidant capsules will help you with that.
You may have strong thirst for a long time as a result of detoxification, which will dissipate over time. It is important to consume the required amount of liquid a day, or if your body requires more than that, drink 2-3 sips several times.
• If you are currently dieting or liquid fasting, take a break between the two types of diet and leave a week or two of rest for your body to find "balance" again, so it gets ready for the effects of Turbo Diet®.
• Turbo Diet® does not prevent the absorption of medicines. If your health problems are related to being overweight, consult your doctor before the diet.
Turbo Diet® is a good choice for all ages, young and older people alike. For 14-18 year olds, the replacement of no more than one meal is recommended. Older people can replace 1-2 meals a day.
• One box contains 15 servings (35 g / serving) of shake. It depends on the program selected how long it will last.

Should I only drink the shake immediately after it was prepared, or can I prepare my daily servings in advance?

It’s best to drink the shake straight after it was prepared; however, the shake may be prepared in advance if suitable storage conditions are ensured. In the latter case, the shake will thicken after a few hours; however, it can still be consumed after adding a little milk or water. The enzymes in the shake (papain, bromelain) will dissolve in the liquid after a certain time, as an outcome of which the shake won’t be as delicious, but it will be just as effective, and will have no adverse effects on your health.

What should I do if I am constipated for several days?

Should this occur, increase your daily amount by 10-15% and pay special attention to drinking sufficient quantities of fluids and consuming vegetable stock. If this doesn’t change anything, as a last resort, do a one-off colon cleansing by drinking the remaining Hunyadi curative water. For reasons mentioned earlier, DO NOT apply the detox therapy frequently.

Could I be hungry during the diet?

If you use proper dosage, and the required quantity is fully consumed during the day, hunger will not occur. If you feel hungry, you probably did not choose your Program or the dosage well or your body’s needs are different, because during Turbo Diet® it is unnatural to feel hunger. In this case, ask our consultants for assistance.

What should I do if I still feel hungry after consuming my daily servings?

Make sure that it's not just psychological hunger. If you are sure that there is not enough caloric intake (i.e. you feel weak, powerless), then prepare a half serving of the shake to suppress your hunger. Have a bowl of vegetable broth or take a walk outside to breathe some fresh air, because many times it is only our eyes that are craving for food, which can easily be remedied by clearing our mind.

I eat several times a day. How should I distribute my daily dosage?

You can divide the daily required amount of shake for several meals (eg. five times), the most important is that the daily dose should be fully consumed.

I usually only have two meals a days (I never have breakfast, for example). What should I do?

With this system you must follow defined rules for healthy weight loss, the dosage of Turbo Diet® shake must be closely followed. You will eat regularly including the necessary breakfast – due to its nutrient density, the shake is considered a meal (!) - so you will not starve. So your metabolism can pick up an optimized rate, you'll see it's worth the effort.

What should I do if I don’t begin losing weight?

If you follow the instructions, you will feel the difference after a few days (in kilos or cms). Because of their unique body composition or lifestyle, some people may have special needs and need to follow a custom-tailored diet. If such problems occur, call the experts of the Turbo Diet Centre on telephone number +36-1-451-0294.

Can I vary the flavours each day, or even at each meal?

Yes, you may even choose a different flavour for each meal. This will make your diet more varied. You may also mix different flavours, e.g. by mixing the chocolate and pistachio flavoured Turbo Diet® protein shakes you can create an interesting combination.

Can I have any kind of soft-drink during the diet?

No. During the diet it’s recommended to drink mineral water, vegetable stock, fruit and green tea. This kind of liquid intake best supports the detox mechanisms of the body. Fizzy drinks, sugary fruit or vegetable juices and flavoured mineral water are not recommended as they contain huge amounts of calories.

Can I flavour the water?

You can flavour water as you feel like, as long as you don’t increase your calorie intake. Sugar consumption is not recommended in this programme.

Is it really prohibited to drink alcohol during the diet?

Due to the sugar content of alcohol, it is high in calories and makes you feel hungry, which is why it is not recommended. A glass of dry wine is fine though, if your social life requires it.

Why shouldn’t you drink detox or diuretic tea or other similar products during the diet?

Detox and diuretic products prevent the proper absorption of proteins, which is why the body can use fewer nutrients than it needs.

Why is it important to consume vegetable stock?

Vegetable stock helps maintain the acid-base balance of the body. This also makes dieting easier, and its flavour perfectly complements the sweet flavours of the protein shake.

How should I prepare the vegetable broth?

Any kind of vegetable can be used to cook the vegetable broth. You can find ideas by clicking on this link. Broths made from stock cubes or powders can’t replace fresh vegetable stock.

What can I have instead of the vegetable stock?

Vegetable stock is the best choice for complementing the diet (not stock cubes, or packet soups), but if you are unable to cook it for whatever reason, simply use freshly pressed vegetable juices or even high-quality vegetable juices from a shop, in a 2:1 juice to water ratio, as their fructose content should be taken into account. Watch out for added sugar, because they should not contain any. We do not recommend tomato juice because of its acid levels. You can replace the vegetable stock by using Turbo Diet® Herbal Harmony tablets which were developed precisely for this purpose.

Do you play sports, or would like to start now

If sport is part of your everyday life, during Turbo Diet® do your usual intensity workouts. If you have not done sport before (e.g. walking, cycling, or even swimming), choose a lower intensity. It is enough for your body to adapt to one major change at a time. You can increase the intensity of trainings after your diet.

Questions related to the 14-day Intensive Programme

Can I eat solid food during the 14-day Intensive Program?

During the 14-day Intensive Programme no solid food is allowed. No yoghurt, not even an apple, since this will interrupt the ‘reprogramming’ of the body. During the Program only the Turbo Diet® shake and the stock of the home-made vegetable broth may be consumed. You don’t need to worry about feeling hungry, since the special proteins in the Turbo Diet® shake will make you feel full.

Why is it important to eat vegetable stock?

The vegetable stock helps maintain the acid-base balance of the body, and also makes dieting easier: with its slightly savoury flavour it perfectly complements the sweet flavours of the protein shake.

Can I make the 14-day Intensive Program longer?

Use it for 14 days in one go. If you'd like to lose more weight, familiarize yourself with the 30-day Turbo Diet® Program.

What is the point of colon cleansing and how long does it take?

Colon cleansing rids the intestines of the excreta built up which may slow down the absorption of nutrients (e.g. proteins). The duration of colon cleansing differs from one person to the other, but usually it takes half a day. If you are suffering from any rectal problems, use any detox tea available in pharmacies to replace Hunyadi Janos curative water or Epsom salts. During the course of the Turbo Diet® Programme, the use of laxatives is strictly forbidden.

What should I do if my bowel functions do not go back to normal after the detox phase on the first day?

In this case, do not add the shake powder to milk; use water instead to stop faster bowel functions so that the protein is absorbed in your body. This diet doesn’t reach its goal by the laxative effect, but by burning the fat stored in the body.

If I interrupt the 14-day Intensive Program, can I still continue afterwards? If so, how?

If you interrupt the Intensive Program only once (because of a friendly gathering, for example), you should start the next day with colon cleansing. After this is done, everything gets back to normal and you can continue as usual. If this happens too many times, it is recommended to upgrade to the 30-day Turbo Diet® Program (join at phase 2), because the 14-day Intensive Program is not right for you.


I have high blood pressure. Can I go on Turbo Diet®?
Excess body weight is a common cause of high blood pressure. This diet makes you lose weight and is a good way of breaking down fat, so high blood pressure is not an obstacle. However, if you are on medication, definitely consult your doctor.

I have diabetes. Can I go on Turbo Diet®?
In this case, we offer a special program. Consult your doctor before you start a diet. Read dr. József Fövenyi diabetologist’s medical opinion.

If you suffer from reflux:
According to our earlier experience, dieters struggling with reflux achieve results with the help of Turbo Diet®, furthermore, many of them even told us that their symptoms eased. If you should explicitly avoid consuming milk, you can also have the protein drink with water; however, in this case you need to increase the shake powder dosage by 1 more scoop.

If you have thyroid disorder:
If you have thyroid problems you must consult your doctor before starting the Turbo Diet® Program. If you suffer from an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), a protein-based diet is effective and supplementing it with an increased intake of iodine is recommended. (The body needs iodine in order for it to be able to produce thyroid hormone (thyroxine), and as a replacement we recommend taking Jodaqua during the Turbo Diet® Program.) If you suffer from an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), we do not recommend using Turbo Diet®.

If you are lactose or gluten intolerant: 
If you are lactose or gluten sensitive choose the plain Turbo Dieta® shake, which is lactose and gluten free. You can flavour the shake with spices or essences, so that your diet will not be monotonous. If you only have a problem with gluten, you can choose the chocolate flavour too.
Those sensitive to milk sugar and gluten may decide whether to try out the other shake powders at their own risk, taking the degree of their sensitivity into consideration. Based on feedback received so far, they rarely cause discomfort. Those sensitive to lactose should definitely make the shake with water, in this case 5 spoonfuls are needed for a portion.

If you are a breastfeeding Mum:
Mums who breastfeed two or more times a day should wait before going on any diet. If you breastfeed once a day, we recommend the meal recommendation in phase 3 of the 30-day Program - taking into account the needs of your body and your baby - you can slowly start your weight loss process.
If you no longer breastfeed, but a year has not passed yet since you gave birth, we recommend the 30-day Program (you can manage it), but the Intensive Program is not a good choice, since the functioning of your body (hormones, nutrient requirements) needs more time to return to normal.