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I challenged the Turbo Diet and we won!

For four months, Ben fought with his surplus kilos in the context of the Turbo Diet® Big Slimming plan – and knocked them out. Clothes two sizes smaller, spectacular slimming and change of lifestyle.

We’ll see what this Turbo Diet® can do!

A man loves a challenge, but I started to get fed up of those posed by my extra kilos. I tried a lot of methods, what’s more, preparations proclaimed as miracle diets, but only with ephemeral results. When I read about the Turbo Diet® Big Slimming plan, I thought, well, once again a great opportunity to test my willpower, my dedication, and of course the method itself.

There is no yo-yo effect, no hunger, just weight loss!

So I got stuck in, and the first surprises came right at the beginning of the diet. I was in fact continuously shedding weight, which after the customary fluctuations was a really motivating feeling. Furthermore, not only was I not hungry, but it also became clear to me that it was easier to stick to the diet during the strict stage when you can’t eat solid food at all, than when the system is a bit more lenient – it was more of an effort then to watch the quantity and the quality.

Top marks for dieting, both for Turbo and for me!

The four months of dieting was not at all hard to do, but even if it had been, it would have been worth it: I need trousers two sizes smaller, according to feedback the many minus centimetres which I achieved with the aid of Turbo Diet® definitely show. For me this was the first system which really worked, not least due to the support offered by the consultations. I was somehow motivated by the fact that every week I have to report on the results I have achieved, they will evaluate by diet diary and in personal meetings tell me what I need to change. So now I am over the really big challenge, which others were watching, rooting for me and willing to help. And luckily both Turbo Diet® and I passed the test with top marks, which is not only hallmarked by my altered physique and new clothes, but also with a renewed lifestyle, a healthy diet and a love of regular exercise!

Ben got rid of a total of 11.5 kg over four months, aaaand he is also maintaining his weight one year later! Look at him in the pictures!


His results numerically:
Waist: 112 cm → 91 cm
Hips: 113 cm → 102 cm
Thigh: 62 cm → 55 cm