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If you are diabetic...

You would like to diet, but you are worried about your diabetes? Wait, here is the solution! Consultant diabetologist Dr. József Fövényi will tell you how you can fit Turbo Dieta® into your regime.

Losing body weight is one of the foremost problems for diabetics – primarily those with type 2. But you too can successfully fit the special protein based shake powers into your diet, even if you are diabetic!

As there is almost always a danger of hypoglycemia as a side effect of drug treatment and the great variability of diabetes treatment, consult a specialist and a dietitian before starting the diet!

In general, take these criteria into consideration.

When taking tablets to reduce blood sugar:


  • Two meals a day at most, in some cases just one, may be replaced by Turbo Dieta® shake powder.
  • As most diabetics can lose weight with a daily intake of 1200 kcal, the ideal times for the two shakes per day are the morning and evening meals.
  • In this case, besides consuming the two portions of shake, we recommend that you take in a total of around 600-650 kcals, including a total of approx. 90-100 g carbohydrate, at lunch and two other times (elevenses, afternoon snack).
  • If when you start to use the shake your blood sugar level rises – ranging between 7-10 mmol/l – you do not need to change your tablet treatment.
  • If at the beginning, or later when you start to lose weight, your blood sugar level comes close to normal, then you need to reduce the dose of blood-sugar tablets in order to avoid undesirable hypoglycemia. Just to repeat, do not start your diet without obtaining medical advice!
  • You also need to take care that your monthly weight loss does not exceed 1.5-2 kg, because only in this case can the achieved result be maintained in the long term.
  • Stay on a diet for a maximum of three months at a time!
  • If you only replace one meal a day with the shake powder, that should be dinner, because this is how to achieve slower but certain weight loss. (In this case, naturally, the quantity of calories to be consumed within the scope of the normal diet may be increased by 250-300 kcal, 45-50 g of this being carbohydrate.)

If besides taking tablets to reduce blood sugar, you supplement these with dosed NPH or long-lasting analogue insulin preparations before going to bed, the use of Turbo Dieta® is compatible with the above!

In case of insulin treatment:

  • The Turbo Dieta® shake powder may be used in this case too, but only within the context of intensive insulin therapy, when you give yourself a dose of fast-acting or ultra fast-acting analogue insulin at each main meal.
  • In this case we only recommend the use of the Turbo Dieta® protein shake instead of dinner, so just once a day!
  • When using the shake, the dose of insulin before dinner should be reduced by at least 50%.
  • At the same time you need to reduce the energy and carbohydrate content of the other two meals by approx. 20%, and concurrently your doses of insulin with meals by 1-2 E-gel, as this is the only way to achieve the desired monthly weight loss of 1-1.5 kg.
  • It is very important that in a diet which uses the Turbo Dieta® shake powders, you will have to measure your blood sugar more frequently than previously, including several times after drinking the shake, because this is the only way to titrate the necessary insulin dose for the meal and to avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia 2-3 hours after the meal!

In the case of treatment with mixed insulins dosed two or three times a day, the use of protein shake powders and dosing with mixed insulins are not compatible!

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