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If you think you can maintain your weight like this. No, you can’t!

You have finally attained your desired figure, you are slim, fit and fresh? I will help you how to keep your results.

You have finally attained your desired figure, you are slim, fit and fresh. You are pleased to receive compliments, you don’t get out of breath when climbing stairs and you are just getting used to buying yourself really feminine clothes.

But what if you put weight back on? I know you are terrified of the thought of this and you are preparing to make the biggest mistake: you go hungry, so as not to put back on the kilos you have lost.

Don’t do it!

If you go hungry, you will be feeble, shrunken and weak. Honestly though, have you ever seen a radiantly beautiful skeleton? Furthermore, it is a severe delusion, that you lose weight by going hungry! When you deprive yourself of the quantity of nutrients needed by your body, it automatically goes into storage mode, i. e. it increases the amount of fat tissue. It this what you want? Of course not.

After you have starved yourself for a while, you are invited to a party, or in a supermarket you simply feel like you are in a desert oasis and you buy all kinds of stuff and once past the checkout you gulp it down, so you overload your stomach and intestines, and then you feel ill, and what is absolutely certain, you will put a load of weight with a single slip-up. So, do you want to do that? Of course you don’t. So I’ll tell you what to do/eat/!

Always eat the optimal quantity and quality of food for your body, which is rich in protein and low in carbohydrate, though a minimum of 160g/day is needed of the latter too.

If you eat a balanced diet, then your metabolism which settled down nicely during your Turbo Diet and since then has been healthy and working well , will not bear it well if you go on a spree on the odd occasion, as far as the amount you eat is concerned.

So that you don’t have to justifiably worry at such times about the extra kilos you may regain, keep a store of our Turbo Diet monthly weight maintenance package!

What is this good for? After a couple of occasions involving bigger meals, it is easy for you to have one or two Turbo Diet days, or you can replace your dinner with a shake for a week.

And you well know already how tasty the Turbo Diet shakes are, for which we regularly upload mouth watering flavouring tips to our website.

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