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It was just the sort of diet I needed

For Viki, strict rules, a well constructed system and moral support are extremely important during a diet. She lost a lot of weight with the Big Slimming plan and her lifestyle changed completely.

Get to know Viki’s story!
I need a diet which definitely works

I have always had a normal, sporty figure – and I suppose many women are not surprised by the next step: pregnancy. After giving birth I didn’t manage to get my old figure back, though I tried a number of diets. I didn’t win any minus kilos with them, but I did find out about my own limitations, and I realised that I needed some very complex and consistent diet.

I could not have done it alone

This is how I came across the Turbo Dieta® Big Slimming plan, which I registered for with a friend of mine. Slimming together with someone else meant a lot to me, but perhaps even more, was to do all this under the helpful supervision of an expert team. The constant reports and consultation held me back from turning off the path towards slimming, or if this was unavoidable at times, such as at Christmas, then afterwards I could return at once to the well-working diet.

I not only got slimmer, I am completely different!

Because the Turbo Dieta® really did work: I did not feel hungry at all, at most if was difficult if someone was eating in front of me, but in time I learnt to handle that too. I got to know and started to use the reform meals and sugar-free snacks with which I could pay homage to my sweet tooth at times. Besides that, it really was perceptible that this product provides all the nutrients the body needs: earlier on, the enervation and tiredness during a diet posed a great challenge. It was quite the opposite with Turbo Dieta®: I was bursting with energy and freshness, which is vital for a mother. I would never have thought that during the plan, losing excess weight would be only one of the positive points, but it is. I am, of course, very pleased with my new figure, but no less with what I learnt about conscious choice and cooking of food, so I really can maintain the results I achieved. It was one of the most useful four months of my life!

Viki got rid of a total of 11 kg, aaaand she is maintaining her weight one year later. Look at her in the pictures!

Her results numerically:
Waist: 87 cm → 76 cm
Hips: 110 cm → 96 cm
Thigh: 60 cm → 55 cm