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I’ve slimmed out of my clothes!

Matt had a go at the diet as a real big eater, but even so, he was able to get through it without a hitch. And he has been rewarded for it: he visibly lost a lot of weight, and not only his wardrobe, but he too has been replaced.

Turbo worked once before

Yes, I lost loads, but I needed to. When the scales pointed to 111 kg, I decided that by hook or by crook I had to slim. I tried Turbo Dieta® once before, and it produced very good results. So I registered for the Big Slimming plan, in the hope that I would Slim Big too. And fortunately I did!

Just like new

I can thank this plan for way smaller clothes sizes (I need trousers with 34 waist rather than 40), and totally changed contours. And clearly everything related to this: easier movement, breathing, satisfaction, the pleasures of positive feedback. And what is more, it was maximally easy to do. It’s true that I found the intensive stage, when you can only drink the shakes, rather difficult, but I was a really big eater when I got started. Then you get used to it and keeping to the diet becomes a routine.

For me, it was very effective

And the results are not only inspirational in terms of kilos: my best trousers not only fit me now, they are even a little loose. My body is greatly changed, though I am only now starting to incorporate sport into my daily life. The muscles came out from behind the rolls of fat, as I merely followed the rules of the diet. And the Big Slimming team was a really great help in this, without them these four months would certainly not have been so simple and easy.

Matt got rid of a total of 15.5 kg.

His results numerically:
Waist: 106 cm → 96 cm
Hips: 115 cm → 106 cm
Thigh: 68 cm → 56 cm

Do you want to have a go?

If you are more than 10 kg overweight, start with a 14 day Plan, if less, then we recommend the 30 day Plan!

Order the starter pack needed for your diet, and hit the strings!