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It exceeded all my expectations!

Turbo Dieta helped Melinda to make a real effort at getting rid of those extra kilos. Everyone is amazed at the change!

I hardly noticed that I was over 100 kilos

I work as a nurse, I am 42 years old; my 13 year old daughter and a totally supportive husband make my days perfect. Which were not quite perfect after all, as my excess weight cast a shadow over everything. After giving birth, the kilos slowly, insidiously piled on, I hardly noticed, but for my 165 cm height I was up to 107-108 kg.

The Turbo Dieta exceeded all my expectations

I had tried slimming a number of times, of course, but somehow I didn’t take it seriously. Then the Turbo Dieta contest, so highly praised by my friends, was advertised, and everything was in place for me finally to get stuck into slimming. The context of the contest helped me really to make an effort with slimming, I had to keep a slimming diary, the diet meals were ready and waiting in the form of the shakes. I must admit that at the beginning I was afraid of slimming with Turbo Dieta, but it exceeded all my expectations.

As I lost weight, I kept getting happier

I felt well during the diet, I wasn’t ill once, and as I lost weight, I kept getting happier too. And now I’m like a dog with two tails. I am 82 kg, 5 trouser sizes smaller, 26 kg lighter. Those who know me are astonished at the change. I can wear skirts and dresses again, I got slimmer, well-balanced, it feels great being me. I should like to lose even more weight, of course, but I know now that I can do it, as I’ve started playing sport, and I pay attention to when, what and how much I eat. I still have a shake for dinner, and it’s full steam ahead to the weight starting with 7. I believe there is no stopping before my dream figure, I will get there, and if possible, I will be even happier than now!

Melinda got rid of a total of 24 kg over 8 months!

Her results numerically:
Weight: 109.9 kg → 85 kg
Waist: 109 cm → 85 cm
Hips: 126 cm → 107 cm
Thigh: 66 cm → 63 cm*


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