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Mirror, mirror on the wall, says to both women and men

You are the fairest one of all. Better get used to it! Why?

Because when you have lost weight and a slim and slender you goes clothes shopping, you’ll have to develop a new rule of thumb. Up till now, when you picked clothes from the rack, you could easily determine whether they were loose enough to have a good chance of being comfortable on you, whilst also making you look good. From now on, though, you had better store up your newly-fledged sizes in your mind, otherwise you will often have to come back from the fitting room… So that your desired figure will not have frustrating surprises in store! Do a study on yourself!

Doesn’t size matter? Of course it does!

Particularly if on the overcrowded underground with a book in your hand you would like to sit down and apparently there is only a small space left between the passengers. Just sit down! There is easily enough room, believe me, even if that was not always the case!

You surely won’t turn heads on the street. Oooooh no.

Of course you will! And don’t feel awkward about it! Learn how to be beautiful, after all, you have fought for it! Walk up and down in the lobby at home! Practise! You have no reason to feel naff, but you need to acquire a new posture, a lighter way of moving and gesturing. The new figure is accompanied by a personality with a renewed appeal.

Extra preparation for men: Do women smile at you on the tram?

Of course, after all, you are not a slumped over, chubby guy with a cake always hanging out of his mouth, but a man with a dashing physique, who has achieved a significant result. Let this fill you with pride and develop some healthy self-confidence. You have reason to! ;)

Extra preparation for women: A sense of humour is worth a fortune, but you don’t need to swear along with it!

You are slim, slender and feminine! So it seems a bit strange if you snort when you laugh or you slap your colleagues on the back while making shrill quips. We admit that Melissa McCarthy’s style is strongly shaped by a kind of compensation, and she does it very well. In contrast, if Natalie Portman behaved in the same way, it would leave us cold. Don’t you think? Well, you represent the latter, so you had better be aware of it!

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