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Ordering and delivery information

No registration needed to order.

An automatic confirmation email will always be sent to your email address after you place your order, which is why it is very important that you provide authentic and correct contact details.

Minimum order: 45 EUR

Information and Delivery Costs:

We do not charge for packaging; however, customers are required to pay for delivery. Products ordered and delivery is paid online via credit card when the order is placed. We hand over your package to the courier service as soon as the payment is transferred (within 1-2 workdays following the placement of the order), which is packed at our site: Teve u. 41., 1139 Budapest, Hungary.
The courier service delivers the products ordered to your doorstep on workdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

GLS Courier Service delivers packages to Austria, the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Germany and Slovakia, whilst DPD Courier Service delivers packages to all other countries. Should you have any questions in connection with delivery please write to our customer service:

Any given person at the delivery address (not indicated in the address line) may accept the delivery without authorisation. This is why the ordering party is responsible for providing the correct address when placing the order. If a workplace has been provided as the delivery address, please ensure that someone who knows about the delivery of the package is there at the expected delivery time and accepts the delivery negotiated with the ordering party.

We are able to accept complaints made in connection with the delivery of packages within a period of 1 month after the placement of the order.

Delivery Costs and Transfer times:
Price in
Transfertime (work day)
1. zone Austria 10 2
3. zone Luxemburg 17 4-5
3. zone Belgium 17 4-5
7. zone Bosznia-Herzegovina* 48 6-7
4. zone Bulgaria 20 4
3. zone Bohemia 17 3-4
4. zone Denmark 20 5
4. zone United Kingdom 14 4
5. zone Estonia 25 5-6
6. zone Finland 31 5-6
4. zone France 20 5
6. zone Greece 31 4
3. zone Netherlands 17 4-5
5. zone Latvia 25 5-6
5. zone Lithuania 25 7
2. zone Germany 13 2
  Norway   no delivery
3. zone Italy 17 4-5
6. zone Portugal 31 5-6
3. zone Romania 14 2
5. zone Spain 25 5-6
  Switzerland   no delivery
5. zone Sweden 25 5-6
7. zone Serbia and Montenegro* 48 6-7
1. zone Slovakia 9 2-3
4. zone Slovenia 20 4
7. zone Turkey 48 5-6
7. zone Tunisia* 48 6-7
5. zone Croatia 25 5-6
7. zone Ireland 48 6
4. zone Poland  7 2

Delivery times are provided for information purposes only.

* In these countries, delivery times may be extended by the time needed for customs clearance.
** In Greece, we charge an extra 3.6 EUR for deliveries made to the Island of Crete and 11 EUR for all other islands.

Delivery rates are calculated on the basis of a 3kg package, which is roughly the content of a 2-week-long diet (3-4 packages of Turbo Diet (3-4 x 525g, 1 Antioxidant, 1 shaker). We quote an individual price in the case of heavier packages.

In the case of payment via bank transfer, please indicate that the customer shall bear all related bank transfer charges and commission, i.e., the amount confirmed in advance shall be transferred to our account (product price + delivery costs).

Cancellation Policy

We accept orders on workdays before 1 p.m. and hand over the products ordered to the courier service as soon as we receive the payment. Orders may be modified or cancelled in writing within 24-48 hours of the receipt of the order, i.e. before the package is sent, by sending an email to If the order is cancelled, an extra 6 EUR administration fee will be charged, which the ordering party shall bear.

Data Protection Principles

Information concerning data management »»


Right of withdrawal

Within 14 calendar days from receipt of the product and from concluding the contract with respect to using the service, you may exercise your right of withdrawal. According to the general rules, the day that the product is received, or in case of a service the day the contract is concluded, is not included in the 14 day deadline. You may indicate your intention to withdraw verbally (on the telephone: +36 1 451 0294), by post (preferably by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt), or by e-mail ( The right of withdrawal only applies to products in unopened packaging.

In case of withdrawal, the product must be returned immediately, or within 14 days of communicating the fact of withdrawal at the latest, or it must be handed over to the enterprise or to a person authorised by the enterprise to receive the product. The return qualifies as having been accomplished within the deadline if the product arrives back before the expiry of the deadline. It is important to know that in case of doubt the customer bears the burden of proof that he sent notification of his right of withdrawal within the deadline.

The customer is obliged to return the product to the seller at his own expense.

The enterprise is obliged to repay the amount by the same means as the means of payment used by the customer, unless the customer has specifically agreed that the enterprise may use a different payment method for the repayment.

In the case of a contract for the purchase of a product, if the customer withdraws, the enterprise may withhold the amount to be repaid until the customer has returned the product.


Information on complaints management

It is the aim of our store to fulfil all orders in appropriate quality to the full satisfaction of the customer. Even so, should the User have any complaint in connection with the contract or its fulfilment, the complaint should be sent to the above e-mail address or by post.
The Webstore keeps records on incoming complaints, as well as on the measures taken to settle and resolve them.
In order for the customer complaint to be investigated as soon as possible, it is necessary in every case for the Customer to give his/her personal details, the data of the relevant contract (order number), to stipulate his observations precisely and specifically including the perceived discrepancies, faults, and in addition if they are available the documents supporting the complaint (e.g. photograph in case of damaged packaging) should also be made available to our store in order to accelerate the process of investigating the complaint. In order for the complaint to be investigated quickly, it is necessary for the Customer to indicate the precise fact constituting the subject of the complaint, the time it occurred if possible, as well as any possible claim for compensation.

The complaint management procedure

1. The Webstore will investigate the complaint immediately, and remedy it if necessary. If the Customer does not agree with the way the complaint is handled, the Webstore will make out a report on the complaint and its related standpoint, and give a copy of this to the Customer in case of a verbal complaint made in person, in case of a verbal complaint made by telephone, they will send it to the Customer at the same time as a reply letter in connection with written complaints and provided with reasons, in addition they will proceed in accordance with the provisions applicable to written complaints.
2. If it is not possible to investigate a verbal complaint immediately, the Webstore will make out a report on the complaint, and give a copy of this to the Customer in case of a verbal complaint made in person, in case of a verbal complaint made by telephone, they will send it to the Customer at the same time as a reply letter in connection with written complaints and provided with reasons, in addition they will proceed in accordance with the provisions applicable to written complaints.
3. The deadline available for investigating the complaints and providing an answer is 2 calendar days from the arrival of the complaint in the Webstore. The Webstore will send their standpoint in connection with the complaint, provided with reasons, in writing to the Customer within two calendar days following communication of the complaint.
4. If the complaint is rejected, the Webstore will inform the Customer in its reply of the opportunities for legal remedy, and in addition will give contact details and correspondence addresses of the authorities and bodies concerned.
5. The Webstore will retain the complaint and the reply given to it for one year.
6. Legal remedy:
If the Webstore’s standpoint is unacceptable to the Customer, the Customer may approach the following authorities, in accordance with the nature of the complaint:
Budapest Metropolitan Government Office Consumer protection inspectorate (Address: 1052 Budapest, Városház u. 7., Postal address: 1364 Budapest, Pf.: 144.)
Budapest Conciliatory Board operating alongside Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.).

Finally there is an opportunity to recourse to the online dispute settlement platform. For this you have to register in the European Commission system, then after logging on the consumer can submit a complaint via the website. After the complaint is submitted, the online dispute settlement platform will forward it immediately to the defendant party. Following this, those concerned must agree on an alternative dispute settlement forum, which will ultimately proceed in the issue existing between them. The platform will inform the parties of the forums which can proceed in their case. When agreement is reached on the dispute settlement forum, the online platform will forward the complaint to them. The parties have 30 days to come to an agreement.