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Beginner's Pack for 30 day Plan (45 helpings)

Turbó Diéta Kezdőcsomag 30 napos programhoz

This plan is extremely easy to fit into your everyday life, with a bit of effort, you can achieve spectacular results!

Price: 80.1 EUR
Special price: 75.4 EUR

The Turbo Diet® 30 day Plan is popular with our dieters, because it can easily be started at any time, without requiring any special preparation. It can even be adhered to for a long period, as you can repeat it without a break until you reach your dream weight.

The Plan in a nutshell:
  1. Detoxification (days 1-2-3): 1 helping of Turbo Diet® shake drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner.*
  2. Weight loss (2 weeks): 1 helping of Turbo Diet® shake drink each for breakfast and dinner, for lunch a protein-rich, low-carbohydrate meal of 600 kcal. 
  3. Stabilisation (2 weeks): for dinner 1 helping of Turbo Diet® shake drink. Besides this, a daily calorie intake of 1200-1500 kcal, rich in protein, low in carbohydrate.

For women over 165 cm and for men, we recommend eating an afternoon snack during the plans, at around 17.00 hours. If you are over 180 cm, a low-sugar fruit (e.g. apple) should be eaten for a snack at around 11.00 hours. In this case you will need more shake powder, see below.

You can find a detailed description of the 30 day Turbo Diet® Plan here and you can ask for help from our Consultants before, during and after your diet! You can repeat the Plan without a break, until you reach your desired weight.

What is the secret?

One of the secrets of Turbo Diet® lies in the intake of special, quality protein, which helps induce the body to dismantle fat deposits while preserving muscle! The other important nutrients in the shake drink ensure that your body lacks nothing. All of our diet plans are simple and easy to adhere to!

Satisfaction guarantee

Following the use of Turbo Diet®, it is perfectly clear from the questionnaires filled in and continuously updated by consumers that,
“10 out of 10 buyers would recommend Turbo Dieta® to their friends and acquaintances”!
Turbo Diet® has been at the service of slimmers for 12 years now, and we believe that with a little effort and persistence, with the aid of Turbo Diet® you too can easily achieve your goal!

You will need the following products to start the 30 day Plan:

    • 3 packs of Turbo Diet® shake powder, 3x525 g (45 servings made with milk)
    • 1 pack Antioxidant capsules (4 weeks)

Please consider when ordering: during the Plan you will have a total of 51 shake meals, the pack contains 45 helpings. If you have to eat 4 meals because of your height, then you will have 68 shake meals, so you will need 4 packs of shake powder for one plan. If you make it with water, then you can make 12 servings from one pack of shake powder.

If you would like to order several packages, you will need to compile an additional package, so we can guarantee that your favourite flavour of shake powder is included in the package, or


You cannot choose discount shake powders for the beginner’s pack, due to a fault in the program, so if you want to put discount shake powder into your beginner’s pack, you can do so by putting the desired products into your basket one by one.

If you stay with this package, you can choose the flavours you like from the drop-down menu here:

The package also includes these products
  • 1 bit Turbo Diet® Antioxidant, 60 capsules (2x2 weeks)

May be ordered as part of the package
  • Hunyadi Janos curative water with glauber and epsom salts, 700 ml EUR
  • Turbo Diet® Herbal Harmony tablet, 150 tablets 8.6 EUR
Price of the selected products in total: 75.4 EUR