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Naturganic psyllium husk 150 g (for approx. 1 month)

Naturganic psyllium husk 150 g (for approx. 1 month)

Can be useful along with any diet, if you care about your digestive system.

Price: 3 EUR
What do you need to know about psyllium husks? 

Fibre is a chimney sweep for the intestines. Eating the right amount of fibre helps the digestive system to function properly and aids the development of healthy intestinal flora. Fibres help with the rapid removal of excreta from the body, so you end up feeling better in general. Psyllium seeds are a perfect source of soluble fibre, which is capable of absorbing a quantity of water equivalent to twenty times its own weight. This forms a soft gel, which starts to be absorbed in the intestinal tract.

The Turbo Diet plans work extremely well without this, but if you are dieting anyway, you can do one more useful thing to aid your digestive system. Your body will show maximum gratitude for the effort!
Suggestion for use:

Put 1 tablespoon of the psyllium husks into 1 glass of water (at least 200 ml), or it could be fruit juice or tea, stir quickly, then drink immediately. Appropriate water intake during the day is important (at least 2 litres), preferably in the form of pure water!

Net weight: 150 g