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Turbo Diet® Antioxidant, 60 capsules (2x2 weeks)

Turbo Diet® Antioxidant, 60 capsules (2x2 weeks)

Dietary supplement capsule with vitamins and selenium.

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Developed for You for use with Turbo Diet®, so you can achieve your dream figure more easily!

The Antioxidant helps to bind the free radicals deposited in fatty tissues.
Turbo Diet ® Antioxidant:

  • reduces the harmful effects of free radicals
  • strengthens the immune system
  • slows ageing
  • helps to overcome tiredness
  • an ideal and effective aid to various diets
  • also contains vitamins C and E, as well as selenium and zinc

The Antioxidant capsule in itself is not slimming, but it can contribute to the efficiency of your weight loss!
The contents of the box are sufficient for 2x2 weeks, so it is ideal for the 30 day Turbo Diet or the 2 x 14 day intensive plan.

Suggestion for use:

Take 1 capsule 2 x a day before breakfast and lunch! It is very important not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

Components: microcrystalline cellulose, natural polyphenols extracted from citrus fruits, vitamin C, gelatine, vitamin E, zinc gluconate, sodium selenite, carrier (magnesium stearate), colourant (titanium dioxide)

Contents of box: 60 capsules