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The stumbling blocks of diets

Have you lost weight to no avail, the lost kilos have crept back on almost immediately? Did the latest miracle cure promise ten kilos weight loss, but you only went down by two? Let's find the reasons!

The problem is not in your apparatus, but in the diets! Get to know the stumbling blocks, so you will know what to do in order to slim and stay slim!

Our extra kilos: if we throw them out the door, do they climb back through the window?

There is nothing more horrific than when days and weeks of self-mortifying dieting do not produce the desired result, or if they do, then only temporarily. A couple of tasty snacks, and the detested spare tyre is back again. But how can it be that a diet does not slim you, or that its effect only lasts as long as the diet? And what can be done about it so as to finally lose weight?

Diets reduce basic metabolism

The human body is very clever: when we take in less nutrition than we need for an extended time, it starts to economise: it reduces metabolism.

This means that it cuts down its own requirements, or it adjusts itself so that whilst up till now it has used, say, 2000 calories of energy for its functions, now it does everything with 1500. Then on completion of the diet, we realise that “we are gaining weight just on water”. During the Turbo Diet plans, the nutrient intake is balanced. In our shake meals, we are consuming a special protein preparation which has been created by nutritional science experts, so that it provides the body with all necessary nutrients, so it does not switch over to hoarding mode. In fact! If you have succeeded in confusing your metabolism during various diets, in the Turbo plans you can rectify it, as you will eat regularly once again, which the body will detect, and will according get back onto the right track!

You do not lose fat during diet

During reduced calorie intake, a minimal amount of the kilos lost by the body is actually fat loss – the rest is water, excreted toxins, and what is the biggest problem: muscle. The body always utilises muscle first of all, as it can gain extra energy from this most easily, and only after this does it used the fat stores. Weight loss is therefore only apparent: the spare tyre will still be there.
By providing the body with 40% protein intake, the Turbo Dieta shake shields the muscles from degradation, the body will be forced to replace the missing energy from the fatty tissues.

What is the secret to finally losing weight?

Don’t get into miracle cures, which only lead to self-torture and unfair results, and which only harm your body and soul. Respect and love yourself as much as others: don’t give bitterness and apparent results in exchange for your efforts – grant yourself the joy of real and final weight loss, a healthier and more attractive essential you! Turbo Diet can help you with this!