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Turbo Diet® complies with European Union guidelines

Many argue about which diet is the most effective. It seems that the contest is won, as studies confirm that special protein diets are absolutely in first place!

Are you interested in some statistics? This is worth reading!

  • Since the 1980s, a continuous growth in the number of the morbidly obese has been observed throughout the world. These days obesity counts as endemic in the more developed parts of the world.
  • This has severe consequences: cardiovascular, respiratory and locomotive system, cancers and metabolic disorders (diabetes, high blood lipid content, liver, gall bladder and pancreas complaints, gout) and reactive depression.
  • Statistical data on public health in the European Union and Hungary also point to this: more than half of the population have a body weight higher than the optimal, and are therefore overweight, and every fifth adult is obese.

What do studies show?

  • Of existing diets, those with high and special protein content have come to the forefront in recent times.
  • According to experts in nutritional science, foods rich in protein coupled with carbohydrates with a low glycemic index signify perhaps the most effective method for healthy weight loss! The results of research have been officially acknowledged by the European Union since 2006, and they promote protein rich diets.
  • The Council of Europe officially recognises the weight reducing effects of protein rich diets.
  • Research was also done in the universities of London and Copenhagen in connection with protein rich diets, and in both cases their weight reducing effects were proven. The latest results have been obtained in the international DIOGENES project, according to which the diets with high protein content and low glycemic index (i.e. containing slowly absorbed carbohydrates) proved to be the most successful of the methods investigated.
  • In the United States, the eating habits of around 82 thousand nurses were investigated over a period of 20 years. The result was that those who ate foods low in carbohydrate and rich in protein had a 30% lower risk of developing complications connected with obesity.
  • Thanks to these results, recommending a protein rich diet is an increasingly powerful trend in Western Europe.

Protein is very important from a number of angles!

We now introduce you to a few facts which you may not have known about protein!

  • The most significant building material in your body is protein. Your muscles contain 18-20% protein.
  • Two important, stretchy proteins are found in your connective tissues: collagen and elastin.
  • Protein also plays a central role in oxygen and carbon dioxide transport: haemoglobin takes up the oxygen in the lungs, and myoglobin stores it in the muscles.
  • Some hormones are also proteins (insulin, adrenaline, sex hormones, thyroxine, etc.).
  • Many biologically active substances are also protein in nature (e.g. the inflammation mediator histamine, or dopamine and serotonin which play a role in neurotransmission).
  • Antibodies (antigens) are protein molecules which are produced by the immune system in order to recognise and neutralise foreign substances which have entered the body.
  • Of the blood proteins, albumins play a role in regulating blood osmotic pressure and in storing amino acids. Globulins are indispensable for protecting your body and in immunity, and without fibrinogen blood clotting would not happen.
  • The building materials for cell nuclei, mitochondria, ribosomes, and to some extent cell membranes, are also proteins.
  • As proteins behave as anions in aqueous solution, they have an important role in maintaining the acid-base balance of your body
The proper quantity and quality of protein is therefore indispensable for your body. The intake of proteins, or the essential and non essential amino acids which are their building blocks, must be fully guaranteed during your slimming diet. This can be done with the aid of Turbo Diet®!

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