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You exercise, and you would rather burn fat that increase your performance?

We are happy to see that ever more people are striving for a conscious lifestyle, which involves appropriate fitness. There are many sports opportunities to choose from if you want to do regular exercise.

Some do all this in their homes, or coordinated by a trainer, with the use of various performance enhancing machines, but besides a healthy lifestyle and proper muscle condition, losing weight as soon as possible is also a goal.

Besides spectacular slimming, for more than 10 years we have been casting our vote for a healthy lifestyle and diet. Far be it from us to propose a solution which does not desire to achieve all this by recovering metabolism and attaining an optimal fat and muscle combination.

It is not possibly any other way, as no one wants to look like a Shar-Pei dog which never grows into its skin, but in no way can it be called fitness either, if someone does not slim from fat but to the detriment of their muscle condition, i.e. they get skinny rather than slim.

Anyone who plays sport while also wanting to have a healthy diet without overloading the digestive system will encounter numerous protein drinks. It is difficult to find the ideal one of these, as there are protein preparations for building muscle, for increasing endurance, for aiding regeneration, but most of them do not contain carbohydrate, mineral substances or trace elements, or at least, only minimally. But the intake of these nutrients in supplements used for training is also important.

During exercise, the protein helps to maintain proper muscle condition and the carbohydrate provides energy for training, and when taken afterwards it plays a role in recharging glycogen stores and thus supports regeneration. The vitamins and minerals play a general role in the proper functioning of the body.

If you are following a diet plan and exercising at the same time, follow the description in the plan, and before and after training, drink half a portion of Turbo Diet® shake made with water.

If your goal is a fit life, and besides this a healthy lifestyle and proper diet are already a part of your life, use the Turbo Dieta® shake as a supplement alongside training. In everyday life, when it is difficult to eat quick but healthy food (e.g when travelling), choose a Turbo Dieta shake. You can simply take it with you in a shaker, and easily shake it up with water while on the road, and your breakfast is ready, or lunch or elevenses.

Whatever your goal is, with a little creativity, the Turbo Dieta shakes will not be boring to drink, even in the long term! Here are a few of our flavouring tips!

Hmmm… which would you like to taste first?

Note: there will be pictures here, showing our flavouring tips

If these are not enough, choose several kinds and combine them as you will! Here you can find further tips » »

For the good of your health! :)