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Can the day really not start without breakfast?

Breakfast is not only the highlight of your day, it is much more than that! Would you like to know why?

You set out on your way without breakfast, hungry, having gulped down a good dose of vasoconstrictive coffee. On the bus or in the car you already feel weak, but the best is yet to come! At work you need to concentrate on a thousand things which drain your energy, either mentally or physically, they definitely drain you. You’ll be in a big mess, if there’s none to tap onto.

If you are a boss, you will be much more irritable and superficial, if an employee, then you can count on not grasping half of what you suddenly have to do. Put it this way, you will not be the one who is distinguished for proactivity.

Perhaps it is not surprising that not only your work efficiency is undermined by this, but also your whole body.

Why? Because at the first opportunity you have to eat, you will bolt your food down. Everything. Preferably a lot of stuff which raises blood sugar level, because your body will strongly desire it. This is the first diet mistake that you can make in the course of the day.

Your breakfast is not just a meal, it is the basis for your whole day. If you miss it, you will eat more at noon, and digesting this will lay a burden on your body, which will once again be to the detriment of your efficiency. By the time you regain your active state, it will be afternoon!

No, it is not just about work here, but about how you feel all day.

Which you do you prefer?

The lively, energetic, imaginative you, or the physically and mentally slow you, enervated by hunger, who can only think about the next meal? I like the first mentioned me better, much better!

Relax, in the morning rush I don’t have any time to throw complicated breakfasts together either, but I always bear two things in mind because I should like to live in a fit, healthy body: I eat regularly, because our bodies like regularity, and I know that I program my body with my thoughts and my actions!

I eat something rich in protein, particularly in the morning.

Nutrition studies have confirmed that those who do this are less likely to put on weight.

Perhaps that is why I consider the Turbo shake to be such a good solution. It can be flavoured in so many ways, besides being available in seven flavours already, so my breakfasts never grow monotonous. I often pour my espresso into my plain shake, so I have not even had to depart from my old habits.
Longest preparation time to date: 3 minutes, but that time I was into the constant fight with the kid about getting ready. Yes! and the plain shake is lactose and gluten free. So anyone can have it, but if you have food allergies, then it’s a blessing, because you don’t even have to worry about that.

What I can state for certain: my breakfast Turbo shake corresponds to a full value, protein based meal, rich in vitamins and mineral substances. My blood sugar level is stable and my performance is much better too. Not to mention that it is filling, so I will not get hungry before lunchtime. And then only a little.

So if you are at odds with the subject of breakfast, then I heartily recommend it and you will shake off loads of possible and existing problems.

Good health!