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3+1 hot tips for slimming

With the approach of summer, many would like to get rid of their excess kilos in minutes, but miracle diets not only result in a rapid regain of weight, they can also damage your health.

Tamara Handl, manager of the Turbo Diet Centre in Hungary, has given some sure tips for slimming.
Why are quick diets not effective?

An overwhelming number of lightning diets are based on starvation, the ensuing rapid loss of weight is not only unhealthy, but they are almost certain to launch a vicious circle and lead to a yo-yo effect. But how does this process work?
- When the body is getting less energy than it requires, it starts to use its stored energy. In the first round it relies on glycogen reserves which are easy to utilise, then when this resource runs out, it starts to dismantle the amino acids in the muscles. It only “reaches for” the fats, when all other resources are depleted.
Glycogen and protein, however, contain water, so if we lose some of them, we lose water. One of the biggest traps of the lightning diets is that the rapid weight loss ensuing at the beginning means that slimmers get enthused, whereas the overwhelming majority of the lost weight is water and not fat. The problem is, that by the time the body gets to the point that it starts using up the fat stores, it already has a significant energy deficit due to the lightning diet, so metabolism slows down.

The vicious circle begins

By the time we get to this stage, the loss of amino acids and protein can lead to muscle loss, and the less muscle there is, the slower the metabolism. Then a severe stagnation in weight loss sets in, which naturally discourages many slimmers.
If someone then gives up the strict diet, they rapidly put on lots of weight, as the brain directs the body to store up as much energy as possible. Furthermore, by then we have become weak and tired, we do less exercise, which further slows down metabolism and the disappointment often results in more serious overeating.
Real fat burning sets in with a decrease in the quick reserves. For the depletion of fatty tissue, there is a need for an intake of proper nutrients, and food which is rich in protein and low in carbohydrate, plus some physical exercise. In the case of physical exercise, the principle of gradualism should always be considered, and beginners should also bear in mind that it is only worth starting to exercise after 2-3 weeks when the body has got used to the diet regime and the lower calorie intake. Starting the two together is not recommended.

3+1 tips for certain success

Only a properly developed, non-extreme system of eating and an exercise plan can give you a healthy, safe and long-term solution – emphasises Tamara Handl, manager of the Turbo Dieta Centre in Hungary, who also serves you some tips.

1. Look for partners! It is much easier to slim if a few of you have the same goal, the group has a powerful motivating force. This can be a family member, a co-worker or a Facebook community.

2. Progress in small steps! Always set yourself small goals which you can reach in a short time. Getting rid of 20 kilos can seem too great a challenge, but a weekly weight loss of 1-2 kilos or a more persistent walk on the treadmill can be achieved by anyone.

3. It is important that you make your own decision! If you have decided, then persistence is important, with which you can ask help from your friends, a consultant or a motivating community. But the most essential thing is that you yourself persist in your resolve, and trust that you can do it.

+. Prepare a menu! It is good if you have your weekly menu in place one week in advance, and you know what you will eat on which day. You therefore do not need to improvise during the day, and you are sure to stick to your diet.