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Maintaining weight with Turbo Diet

Would you like to maintain the weight you achieved by hard work and preserve your long desired figure? Do you think you have no need of a diet, but you would like to keep your weight in check?

If you have achieved your dream figure, but you would like to keep an eye on your weight and proper digestion, then always have a pack of Turbo Diet® shake powder on hand.

We recommend the following opportunities for maintaining weight:

  • introduce an occasional Turbo Diet® day into your life, and on this day replace all three meals with a helping of Turbo Diet® protein shake drink. With this you not only keep your weight in check, but you detoxify your body at the same time!

  • if necessary, replace your evening meals with helpings of Turbo Diet® shake drinks for 1-2 weeks, and eat food with a total calorific value of 1200-1500 during the day. Choose this option when you have put on 1-2 kilos! This corresponds to the 3rd stage of the 30 day plan.

Always take care to eat foods with low fat and carbohydrate content and drink the proper amount of liquids. If you have put on a little more weight, do a whole 30 day plan!

Correct dosage

1 serving made with milk: 4 measuring spoons (35 g) of shake powder mixed with 300 ml milk with 1.5% fat content. Made with water or plant milk with less than 1% fat content, use 5 measuring spoons (approx. 43g) for each serving. With this you replace the protein content of the milk, but you do not take in extra calories. Of plant milks, we do not recommend rice milk due to the higher carbohydrate content.
Order some Turbo Diet® shake powder, so it is always on hand!