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There was no stopping before my dream weight!

Someone asked Rosa when her 4th baby was due, when she was “only” carrying her extra kilos. Thanks to Turbo Dieta, there is now no trace of her pregnancy bump.

I was not committed, until I was faced with this

For me, Turbo Dieta fulfilled its promise of “spectacular slimming with ease” completely. I was not unaware of the product, but somehow I was not really committed, until someone asked me when I was expecting my 4th baby. That very day I visited the Turbo Dieta site once again, to read the success stories, because they have always given me strength. It is a special and really, really good feeling, that I can now write mine.

Doubtingly, but I believed that I could lose around 20 kg over 6 months

At the end of September 2015 I went for consultation to the Turbo Dieta centre. For my 175 cm height I was 94 kg, which was associated with size 48 clothes. We calculated that I could be 75 kg by March. It seemed pretty unbelievable, that I could lose close to 20 kg over 6 months, but as the weeks went by I saw that all this was indeed possible and I realised: this is not a dream, I can finally really be myself! And it happened: I lost 18kg over 6 months, and that is extremely visible. I have changed my 48 clothes for size 40, and my “pregnancy bump” has finally disappeared. A total of 3-4 kg now separate me from my dream figure, but not for long, because I am starting another 30 day plan.

Motivation of constantly falling weight+pleasant dieting+tasty flavours = success

I weighed myself every morning, and practically every day my weight was less, and nothing surpasses the motivation this gives! Furthermore, I really did not need to do much in order to be pleased with the scales every day: I felt really good during the diet, I didn’t miss flavours: if I fancy something sweet, I still just mix a half portion of one of my favourite shakes, and my desire to nibble is gone.

Is it possible that you couldn’t slim before because of this?

I think the best thing about this diet is: you don’t think about food, your shake is there – and this signifies more for persistence than we would think. Before, with other diets, practically my whole day revolved around food (what I should buy to go with it, how I should cook it), and this can be exhausting – that is why I always gave up, and perhaps that is why so many give up. The 30 day plan is a real lifestyle change, it helps you get used to regular meals, the correct quantity of food and the necessary consumption of liquids. What is more: I now run 8 km 3-4 times a week. Before the Turbo Dieta plans I never would have imagined that I would be enjoying doing any kind of sport!

My message to those wanting to slim

Finally I should like to send a message to those who have been eyeing up the Turbo Dieta plan for a while: If you had started then, when you first read and heard about it, you would have reached your goal a long time ago. 

Turbo Dieta is just the same as running in the funny graffiti: “British scientists have proven that running is 100% more effective than thinking about running”. Don’t think about Turbo Dieta either, try it out, and you will see that you will succeed too!

Rosa got rid of a total of 17.6 kg in 6 months.

Her results in figures:
Body weight: 94 kg → 76.4 kg
Waist measurement: 106 cm → 88 cm
Hips: 118 cm → 105 cm
Thigh: 58 cm → 56 cm*


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