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Vary the shakes, enjoy the flavours!

Turbo Dieta® shake powder is available in 6 flavours, which in itself is very tasty, but if you would like to enhance your enjoyment even further, or you are longing for variety, here are a few ideas!

It is important that you always observe the correct dosage (4 measuring spoons/serving). There is a reminder of this at the bottom of the sheet*!


• If you long for something special, you can try out more daring flavourings, e.g. lavender essence, grated ginger, or orange essence mixed into the shake.
• You can use various non-caloric essences (not syrups), e.g. hazelnut, rum, or coconut.
• Mix with other flavours of shake! Vanilla, pistachio, sour cherry and cappuccino go with chocolate. E.g. 2 measuring spoons chocolate + 2 measuring spoons sour cherry = 1 serving


• Do you long for iced coffee? Mix an espresso coffee and some ice into your shake!
• You can use sugar free cocoa powder or cinnamon as flavouring.
• May be combined with any fruit essence - but it is important not to add fruit, as this alters the nutritional value.
• Vary the flavours! We suggest the following tastes to go with vanilla: chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, sour cherry, cappuccino flavoured shake powder.


• Spice the shake with cinnamon or sugar free cocoa powder!
• Iced Frappé: add your morning espresso and crushed ice to it, and your summer freshener is ready, which is your breakfast too!
• You can use various non caloric essences (not syrups), e.g. hazelnut, rum, vanilla.
• Vary the flavours! We suggest the following tastes to go with cappuccino: vanilla, chocolate flavoured shake powder.

Sour cherry

• Make a rum and sour cherry flavoured shake by adding a couple of drops of rum essence.
• Charm it into a Mon Cherry: add sugar free cocoa powder and rum essence to it. It’s equal to a dessert (but eat it instead of a main course ;-) !
• Vary the flavours! We suggest the following tastes to go with sour cherry: vanilla, chocolate flavoured shake powder.


• With mint and ice you can make it into a real summer freshener.
• Charm spice into your shake with a little grated ginger!
• Vary the flavours: vanilla flavoured shake powder matches strawberry really well.


• Flavour the shake with sugar free cocoa powder! Then you’ll have a very tasty Mozart-ball flavoured shake!
• Use almond essence to make your shake even more special.
• Vary the flavours! We recommend the following flavour to go with pistachio: chocolate flavour shake powder.


The world belongs to food intolerants! Our plain shake powder is lactose and gluten free!

To tell the truth, this plain flavour is very tasty and fresh, but it is better to use it to open a storehouse of possibilities.

• Do you long for a fruity flavour? Numerous calorie-free fruit essences are available, so you can drink strawberry, sour cherry, peach, cherry, raspberry or pineapple shake as you like.
• Do you like vanilla? Flavour your shake with vanilla essence!
• Would you like to be Jack Sparrow while you’re working? No one can tell you off for rum essence, and how enticing will it make your shake?! Particularly if you also put in hazelnut essence or walnut essence, which makes it Gerbeaud in a glass!
• If you desire tropical island breezes, then we suggest coconut essence. It will taste just like coconut milk.
• Would you like to drink Raffaello? Then combine the almond essence and the coconut essence in your plain shake!
• You can scatter cinnamon on practically anything, but if you just sprinkle a slight amount on your plain shake, you will easily find out what a cinnamon ice cream tastes like. Or put a bit of punch essence in your shake, sprinkle on a little cinnamon as it’s just as if you are eating a punch cake speciality.

And it isn’t like only sweets exist. Just be imaginative and you can have savouries too!
The secret of a mild savoury flavour is well selected herbs.

Feel free to combine the fruit essences with the herbs below, which when sprinkled on your shake will give it an extravagant relish:

• Basil, lemon-balm, lavender, oregano.

Just make sure that every essence you choose is calorie-free!

How do you make your shakes more exciting? Write to us, so we can share it with others!

Correct dosage is always important!

1 serving made with milk: 4 measuring spoons (35 g) of shake powder mixed with 300 ml milk with 1.5% fat content. Made with water or plant milk with less than 1% fat content, use 5 measuring spoons (approx. 43g) for each serving. With this you replace the protein content of the milk, but you do not take in extra calories. Of plant milks, we do not recommend rice milk due to the higher carbohydrate content.

For women over 165 cm and for men, we recommend eating an afternoon snack during the plans, at around 17.00 hours. If you are a man over 180 cm, a low-sugar fruit (e.g. apple) should be eaten for a snack at around 11.00 hours.

If you play intensive sports (at least 45-60 minutes), drink ½ a helping of Turbo Dieta® shake made with water before training, and ½ afterwards.