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Success story for Turbo shake powder!

We are passionately collecting success stories! If you have shed a good few kilos write to us, and we will show our gratitude with a Turbo shake powder pack with 15 servings!

We would be happy for you to share your success story with us: firstly because we love reading success stories, it always energises us, and secondly because we would like to show others what amazing results can be achieved with Turbo Dieta®, and to encourage them that it can work for them too.

If you have already shed a good few kilos (at least 10kg) and your weight loss is visible, send us your story!

What do you have to do?

1) Look for an older (before) and a recent (after) picture of yourself, in which you are easily recognisable, and your figure and the change can be seen.

2) Write your story in 10-15 lines:

• when you put on weight and why
• how you came to the decision to start dieting
• how much you lost and with which plan
• what your experience of Turbo Dieta® was
• what effect slimming had on your life / the way you feel / your health, your mind, e.g. you climb the stairs more easily, you can now play sports, you can play with your child more, you have more confidence, you feel stronger because you saw it through, etc.
• whether you have set new goals, e.g. you will continue the diet, you will go running or play sports regularly, you will eat more healthily, regularly, etc.

3) Send all this to the following e-mail address

What gift can we give you?

We give a Turbo Dieta protein shake powder pack with 15 servings as a gift for every success story (if it includes points 1-3 above!).

Every quarter we pick out what we thought was the nicest story, the reward for which will be a Beauty photo shoot! We will do your hair and makeup, dress you up really pretty, and a professional photographer will take a series of pictures of you, which will remain as an eternal memory for you!

We are really looking forward to your story! Thanking you in advance! :)